Friday 26 April 2019

A Jon Sopel question/opinion I can agree with

Jez attending tyrannical Xi's bash

A main story on the BBC News website tonight is:

My first thought on reading this was to reflect that a man who says we must talk to the likes of (his "friends") Hamas and Hezbollah and Sinn Fein/IRA for the sake of peace but who then refuses to attend a state dinner for the President of the United States is clearly a far-Left extremist with an extremely skewed moral compass. And I also see that my Twitter feed is alive today with praise for a tweet from a star BBC reporter making a related point:

Now, yes, Jon Sopel missed a question mark off the end of his tweet, but his question remains a very good one. 

One BBC critics I follow, Adrian Hilton, tweeted "This is the question which every journalist should put to prospective prime minister Jeremy Corbyn in every interview he gives between now and 5th June."

So, yes, I agree with Big BBC Jon here.


  1. It's a good question but I still don't think it appropriate for BBC journos, especially ones who benefit from screen exposure, to offer political opinions on their twitter accounts.

    1. Nor do I. As per Fran Unsworth, such things are (rightly) meant to be forbidden, however much we may personally agree with them.

  2. "genuine question" nah
    There'll be something full colour complex going
    on rather than the black and white simplicity of a BBC journo calling out Corbyn's hyprocrisy

    Sopel has tweeted a Guardian article, and then hinted at hypocrisy by Corby, Bercow, and Lb Dem leader.

    #1 We do apply different standards to different people
    eg kids vs adults
    eg Brainwashed Palestinan you compard to Israeli govt

    #2 The Democrats are not funding and stirring up a campaign of hate against President Xi, or Saudi leader

    #3 Those 3 people like to point at Trump to detract away from their own bad doings.


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