Sunday 7 April 2019


I see, after his run-in with Fiona Bruce on this week's Question Time that Charles Moore is now trying to muster troops for a "strike" against the BBC

He wants those of us who haven't already done so to "conduct guerrilla war" against the corporation by refusing to pay the BBC licence fee and hopes to follow that up with a lawsuit against the BBC over its Brexit coverage:
In relation to the Brexit coverage I have seen, the BBC appears to be in breach of its charter in at least three respects – Diversity (article 14.1), the duty to ‘assess’ all citizens’ view (article 10.1) and Impartiality (article 6.1).
Good luck to him in his intended lawsuit (if he pursues it)! I'm closely following (from the sidelines) another lawsuit on similar grounds against the BBC.


  1. No chance. 1. Ofcom will giving glowing plaudits. 2. The BBC will be able to quote from nearly all leading MPs and Ministers about how wonderful they are - even victims like Boris suffering from Stockholm syndrome. 3. The judiciary is soaked in political correctness so will defend the BBC. 4. The UK public doesn't do mass civil disobedience.

    Charles Moore makes many good points but really it is the supineness of Conservatives like him , happy to tolerate the BBC's bias and the licence fee for so long, especially when in power that have led to the current state of affairs where a whole generation of young people has been radicalised into believing PC ideology is normal, that borders should be abolished, that terrorism can be justified and that all religions and cultures are equal in all respects.

  2. Unfortunately I missed the great confrontation on Thursday's Question Time. I may be wrong but I had a feeling Moore had done a protest refusal to pay the licence fee ages ago and been taken to court.

    The problem is there is no effective arbiter or check on the BBC. Ofcom is in line with its agenda. Incidentally, where is Mr Clementi these days?
    When it looked as if the government might get tough on the BBC at the Charter review, some scandal came out that scuppered the Secretary of State and Hall got in a Labour ex-Cabinet politician to strengthen his arm in any coming joust with Whitehall. Plus Cameron and Osborne and co love the BBC. That was the end of that hope. And we have no mass campaign or pressure movement to refuse to pay. For one thing, it is easier to pay than to endure the intrusion and bother of being hounded for payment which inevitably follows. So all you get are individual refusers going it alone.


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