Thursday 25 April 2019

Speak, or I will put a dint in your hat that even a wizard will find hard to deal with!

John Rhys-Davies, preparing himself for tonight's programme

Three of the five members of the panel on tonight's Question Time were Remain campaigners who now want a People's Vote (Sir Vince Cable, Caroline Lucas and Labour's Jonathan Ashworth). The fourth (Conservative MP Victoria Atkins) was a Remain campaigner but now supports Mrs May's Brexit deal. Only the fifth panellist (actor John Rhys-Davies) was a Brexit supporter and remains a Brexit supporter, regarding Mrs May's deal as not proper Brexit. So if the programme discusses Brexit, that will be a very unbalanced panel and it's to be hoped that Mr Rhys-Davies will do a Charles Moore on Fiona Bruce.  


  1. They're only having him on cos he's old and he's only admitting he's a Leaver because he's old. The BBC views young Leavers as particularly to be abhorred and kept off our screens. Actors who admit to being Leavers will never get any work again - thanks to the Cumberbatching of the profession, the persecution is far worse than anything suffered by Leftists in Hollywood during the McCarthyite period.

    1. I saw a tweet earlier saying, "So, four 'mainstream' Remain politicians and one Brexiteer actor John Rhys-Davies who also talks of the "demographic catastrophe" of Muslims in Europe. And thereby the BBC reifies the 'right-wing populism' caricature." Given that the BBC usually never misses a trick to ambush someone with views they dislike, will Fiona Bruce bring up JR-D's 2004 comments and his other comments on Islamic terrorism and political correctness?

    2. He should use the Richard Dawkins-Martin Amis-Christopher Hitchens (all once beloved of the BBC parish) defence and then ask Fiona - "Which part of Sharia law would like to see introduced to the UK?".

  2. The process of BBC 'selection' in pre-pro is almost as fascinating as their abilities and overt efforts in post. Who they chose and what they then chose to ask them is a fine art. If.... big IF... anyone is invited on (and stupid enough to accept) it is invariably to act as a sacrificial pawn to an easy take down or and impossible corner to defend. Declining is rarely an option as there is always the BBC 'empty chair' and knowing smirk. The real worry is the wild cards invited who have no minders to intercept. I have lost count of the unknown loons supposedly pitching a side I might support who are launched like a clay, fly off sideways and then suitably smashed to pieces to the delight of all in the audience.


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