Friday 5 April 2019

Free PR

Ash Sarkar

I can't hear them all now - all the outraged Samira Ahmeds and Alastair Campbells - denouncing the BBC for giving Ash 'I'm literally a communist, you idiot' Sarkar of Novara Media (aka 'Norovirus Media') a platform on last night's Question Time, but 'borrowing' some of their earlier comments and re-fitting them for purpose, such tweets might have gone something like this: 

  • "Sorry BBC QT, but really disagree with giving this woman a platform".
  • "Why is the BBC enabling far-left extremism?"
  • "Here they go again, the BBC normalising communists. 100 million dead because of communists like her".
  • "The voice of the Communists. That’s the BBC".
  • "It's editors' decision to give her airtime. It's free PR for her and her extremist site".
As a believe in free speech, I've no problems whatsoever with her being on. 

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  1. I completely agree Craig. I am quite happy to watch Ash Sarkar demonstrating that she is indeed, “literally an idiot”.


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