Saturday 6 April 2019

Headline news?

The Sunday Times headline tonight is:

It will be interesting to see how the BBC covers this.

P.S. A Twitter thread of this from Sunday Times reporter Gabriel Pogrund sums it up:

  • EXCLUSIVE: Leaked data base and hard drive of emails reveal Corbyn has interfered or failed to deal with hundreds of anti-semitism cases, incl. members who declared "Heil Hitler", "Fuck the Jews" and blamed Jews  for 9/11 (1/)
  • Massive leak reveals crazy decisions: Labour councillor suspended for ranting about "Jewish" media and Rothschilds was let back into the party - after saying she meant Jewish in non-racist "blanket term of description" (2/)
  • A trade union official was let back in after saying Corbyn had "full force of Rothschild Zionists bearing down on him" - and spreading claim that "Jewish Israelis" did 9/11 (3/)
  • One woman who said "Heil Hitler" and defended her Rothschild claims to the Sunday Times was reported a year ago.  She is still not expelled. (4/)
  • Overall, over 800 complaints. Half have not been dealt with. Of those where Labour took action, 191 members faced no further action. Around 150 received a slap on the wrist. (5/)
  • Corbyn's office has intervened in at least 101 complaints, says a leaked spreadsheet. Meanwhile, one councillor was let off for calling Jewish MPs agents of Israel "as they are a candidate" (6/)
  • In February this year, Labour's head of Governance and Legal, Thomas Gardoner, frustrated an attempt to fasttrack an investigation into a man who said Margaret Hodge and Ruth Smeeth were "Zionist cum buckets paid for by Israel" + "pieces of shit". (!) He remains a member. (7/)
  • Tom Watson tells me: "This makes for deeply shocking and depressing reading. Labour members and the Jewish community will not understand how, many years on from the first concerns about antisemitism being raised, we have not to grips with it." (8/)
  • Our investigation reveals MPs have made 54 complaints - but over half have been dismissed or not been dealt with. Watson made 15 complaints, securing just a single suspension. 

Plenty for the BBC to sink its collective teeth into there.


  1. Emergency editorial meeting at BBC - how do we bury this?!?

  2. Will Shami be handing her bauble back ?


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