Saturday 20 April 2019

BBC One Schedule, Friday 19 April 2019

Some people seem to get everywhere on the BBC...

19:00 For the Many not the One Show
Alex Jones and Ore Oduba are joined by Ash Sarkar and The Vamps.

19:30 Still On TV At All Hours
Granville's selling 'designer' sausages, and Ash and Cyril go on TV again.

20:00 A Question of Communism
With Sue Barker, Matt Dawson, Phil Tufnell. Colin Jackson, Jazz Carlin, Ash Sarkar and Dom Parsons.

20:30 NorthLondoners
Louise is put in danger, and Denise and Ash's nail technician shop opens for business.

21:00 Have I Got News for You
Team captains Paul Merton and Ian Hislop are joined by guest host Ash Sarker and panellists Ash Sarkar and Ash Sarkar.

21:30 Would I Lie to Jeremy?
With Olivia Colman, Ash Sarkar, Jon Richardson and Michaela Strachan.

22:00 BBC News at Ten
The latest national and international news from the BBC.

22:30 The Graham Norton Show
With guests Pol Pot, Chairman Mao, Joe Stalin, Ash Sarkar and Daniel Radcliffe.

23:20 Killing Ash
Ash joins a secret KGB unit tracking Villanelle and the shady organisation she works for (the BBC).


  1. Very funny Craig! I can give you some trailers:

    "A Question of Communism...

    SUE: No sorry, Ash, good try but the figure was 10 million deaths from famine in Mao's China. You were obviously thinking of the Ukraine famine. Schoolgirl error I'm afraid.

    ASH: You are a counter-revolutionary Mossad-CIA element wedded ro outmoded bourgeois factualism. Arrest the traitor!"

    "The Graham Norton Show:

    GRAHAM: We had hoped Leon would be joining us...I was looking forward to comparing beards (laughter)... but we hear he's been a little unwell.

    JOE: Yes...he has a bad headache. That clip you played of him...that was a nice pic...geddit? an ice pick! Ha-ha-ha I'm watching...are you all laughing? Ha-ha-ha.

    ASH: Feel the lurv for Joe!"

    She's also on Channel 4 the same evening on Grand Designs, setting out her plans for collectivisation of the British countryside, liquidation of rightist ERG elements in the bourgeois assembly and conversion of Buckingham Palace into a showcase council housing estate (she will be one of the first tenants but may have to occupy it alone with a small retinue of support staff numbering about 500 for the foreseeable future until all revolutionary restoration work is completed).

  2. I'm waiting for the inevitable BBC Media Centre press release announcing that she's becoming a regular presenter on Springwatch. While Chris campaigns against grouse shooting she will use the show to advocate for the swans of Britain to be nationalised.

    1. I think she has a Five Year Plan to take over the media. So far she's exceeding targets and may complete it in four.


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