Friday 5 April 2019

And there's more...

Further to an earlier post, the BBC tweeted the following in response to Charles Moore:

Comments most certainly could be going better for the BBC. Among them is this little list from David Sedgwick of BBC: Brainwashing Britain? fame:

The BBC's tweet drew this comment from journalist Marcus Stead:
Can you provide a single example of a Question Time programme in the last three years where there has been a majority of Leave supporters on the panel? No, you can't. Don't insult the intelligence of your audience with absurd tweets like this. 
Now, interestingly, Fiona Bruce herself provided the very "single example" that Marcus asked for in reply to Mr. Moore last night. 

She said, "Last week we had three people who take the Leave position and two people who took the Remain position". 

The panel last week consisted of: Damian Hinds, Jenny Chapman, Simon Wolfson, Merryn Somerset Webb and Yanis Varoufakis, so Fiona is counting either Damian Hinds, Jenny Chapman or Yanis Varoufakis as Leavers in order to give her that balance.


  1. What an hilarious opening of last night's BBC Question Time with Fiona (I can't stop smiling ) Bruce.
    There seemed to be an uncharacteristic moment of mini pandemonium even before the first question was taken from the invited audience.
    Charles Moore's early intervention regarding bias on the show certainly had Fiona Bruce in a tizzy.
    But as we know, she's always very quick to jump in to defend her beloved paymasters who to her, can do no wrong.
    But I still say she's wrong for the job. And if it wasn't for the BBC's dumbing down agenda, partly due to the fact that they don't produce any new comedies, due to their pc rules, then I would have preferred that they picked someone from their usual output of political programs.I think Andrew Neil had been after that job for a long time. But the longevity of Dimbleby put his dreams to an end.

    The dumbing down on many shows seems to be increasing... where before it wasn't so noticeable.
    Has anyone seen Greg Wallace presenting 'Inside the Factory.' I mean... is he on laughing gas or something? I never realized that working in a factory was such fun as well as stimulating.

    John.... N.London.

  2. Sarah Woollaston was member of (spy in?)the Vote Leave campaign until a couple of weeks before the Referedum. Heidi Allen stood on the hustings in 2017 and said we had to respect and deliver on the Referendum. Dominic Grieve stood on a Leave manifesto. All Leavers according to the innovative Bruce definition.


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