Thursday 18 April 2019


Interesting contrast of takes in the main headlines of the various broadcaster news websites at the moment...

Sky News

ITV News

BBC News

Note that both ITV and Sky use the word "no" in connection to "(Russia) collusion", whereas the BBC doesn't, simply using the phrase "Russia collusion" instead. 


  1. I have no time at all for Trump. I still believe the choice between Trump and Clinton presented the US public with two of the worst candidates imaginable. Yet the BBC’s consistently hysterical response to the Trump Presidency puts me in a position where I find myself defending Trump - just in defence of honest journalism. The stupidity of the BBC is astounding.

    1. My view from the get-go was that Trump was not nice but necessary.

      If you'd put up a sacrificial lamb a Jeb Bush or a Mitt Romney- against the Clinton Crime Syndicate then they would have been filleted by the corrupt American media, laid out on the slab and left to rot. Only someone with a planet sized ego like Trump could withstand the corrupt media bombardment and actually push back.

      Furthermore we have to look at Trump's stunning achievements: stopping the NK rocket tests, reversing the decline in and then hugely increasing US manufacturing jobs, and renegotiating and replacing the NAFTA treaty.
      He's doing lots of good things, including stopping the judicial persecution of African-Americans begun by the Clintons and standing up to the cheating Chinese.

      If the Clintons had won it would have been a disaster for American liberty I believe.

  2. "report into Russia collusion"
    Another one of those BBC headlines that doesn't parse as natural English.


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