Wednesday 10 April 2019

Clive of Europe

As our old friend DB says, "Even by the BBC's anti-Brexit standards this is quite remarkable bias from the BBC's Clive Myrie":

And this time there's definitely no 'devil's advocate questioning' get-out clause for the BBC. Clive is talking to fellow BBC reporter Christian Fraser:
The fundamental fact is a no-deal Brexit, a crashing out, in two days time would not only be bad, catastrophic some would say, for the UK but it would be terrible for the rest of Europe as well. 
"Fundamental fact", "no", "crashing out", "bad", "catastrophic". 

As Leon would say, #Lovely

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  1. To myrie: to fear-monger with absolutely no evidence whatever, or in contradiction of the evidenced.


    The Chancellor myried about the country's economic prospects after Brexit.

    Clive myried about a lack of diversity in news presentation in the UK.


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