Monday 8 April 2019

Never saw this coming...

The sun will rise in the morning and set in the evening as Planet Earth turns on its axis and orbits our local star. 

Such things are predictable. 

But surely even more predictable is the likelihood that in the run-up to May's local elections - or May's increasingly likely European elections - the left-illiberal journalists at Newsnight would try wielding their hatchets against parties they dislike. 

As so often in the past, this time it looks as if they've got UKIP in their cross hairs. UKIP leader Gerard Batten tweeted this earlier today:

Gerard also attached a couple of emails from a Newsnight producer, Jake Morris, to the lady in question:

Wonder who'll get this 'gig' for Newsnight? It would be nice if it was John Sweeney, so that people could use that meme from The Shining of Jack Nicklaus, the golf-playing actor, smashing his way though UKIP's door and - with madness in his eyes - crying 'Here's Sweeney!'.


  1. His twitter account is interesting:

    His "specialism" seems to be asylum seekers and he seems to have been doing his bit for the Remain cause by making out the Brexit vote was all about racists voting against asylum seekers taking their council housing. I think Brexit voters were able to work out most asylum seekers don't come from the EU...and in many of the poorest areas council housing is not in short supply.

    I can only imagine they are hoping they can throw the R word at Gerard Batten. That would be the usual BBC approach. I am sure they can get plenty of ex UKIP people to say nasty things.

    What is the BBC's policy on the EU elections and local elections? I guess it is to hope for a big boost for Labour and split the anti-Brexit vote (which involves painting UKIP as Far Right and racist). I think they've given up on the Lib Dems.

  2. MB Split the PRO-Brexit vote?

    1. Er yes! Sorry...only about the 100th time I've made that error.

      I've noticed on BBC and the UK MSM recently they keep talking up the Brexit Party...which isn't really a party, doesn't have a proper membership as far as I know and just not mentioning UKIP (despite it polling around 9%) at the moment). Splitting might not make too much difference to the pro-Brexit vote at the EU elections - we shall see.

    2. Fear not, I've done it too!

      Yes, I wish the two parties would agree a share-out of seats, rather than risk splitting vote.


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