Saturday 6 April 2019

Laughing matter

I respect the sentiment in the Chief of the General Staff General Sir Mark Carleton-Smith’s video message and I have great admiration for our armed forces. 

However, I gotta be honest. I think it’s something to do with the delivery, but the hands on the hips, the intensity of the facial expression...sorry, but something suggests that behind the sincerity there lies a barely suppressed urge to giggle.  Monty Python eat yer heart out.

I mean, using an image of Jeremy Corbyn for target practice? No laughing matter indeed…well, maybe just a little.


  1. Montgomery went for hands in pocket or behind his back, the later matching the 'at ease pose' of his men.
    But I expect the modern Army has to be more 'inclusive'.

  2. Altogether now:



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