Sunday 7 April 2019

Speaking for Britain

Here's Andrew Marr's opening flourish this morning:
Good morning. It's been revealed MPs are just like the rest of us. Their morale, patience and mental health has been badly affected by the endless Brexit argument. Some are avoiding human contact. Others are taking up mindfulness sessions. Andrew Percy, the Conservative MP for Brigg and Goole, this week told the BBC he'd got a cupboard to hide in near the Commons chamber. "I found a hidey spot. I close the door, turn the light off and put my jacket over me. It's quite dark!" Mr Percy added he'd supported the Prime Minister's deal three times, the Norway Option a couple of times and voted for no deal twice, but whatever you do you still get shouted at. Mr Percy, you speak for Britain! 


  1. No, Mr Percy, you do not speak for Britain. Neither does your not for purpose party. & if you find your current circumstances difficult, look for another job

    1. He speaks for the ruling elite of which Marr is a member. Their London bubble is far removed from the people.


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