Thursday 25 April 2019

Headline news

Sunday's attacks on Christians and tourists in Sri Lanka (359 dead) are no longer being reported on the BBC News website's home page. The story is no longer among the main headlines, nor anywhere else on the page. Meanwhile, the attack on Muslims in Christchurch over a month ago (50 dead) has returned to the top six BBC headline stories (via Prince William's visit to New Zealand). 

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  1. Quite, Craig.

    One of the excellent things about this blog is your evidence based approach to demonstrating BBC bias, so I thought I'd have a look myself at BBC News morning headlines in the days following the appalling Christchruch attacks using the Wayback Machine.

    We're now 4 days on from Sri Lanka, and as you say, not a sniff of the story on the BBC News front page even though there have been significant developments overnight with the arrest of the father of two of the suicide bombers. Particularly signficant as this chap is a highly wealthy spice trader, thus giving lie to the left's assertion that Islamic radicalisation is borne from poverty, deprivation and the vulnerability that this can bring.

    Anyway, 4 days on from Christchurch:

    Still the main headline and a further supplementary story.

    5 days on:

    The main headline, second story, and a supplementary story.

    6 days on:

    Still the main story.

    7 days on:

    Relegated as the top story, but still on the main page as the fourth story.

    8 days on:

    Third story, plus a detailed analysis of the victims.

    9 days on:

    No longer included in the headlines, but the detailed analysis of the victims remains on the front page in the 'Full Story' section.

    10 days on:

    Back into the headlines, 5th story.

    11 days on:

    For the first time, Christchurch no longer makes the front page.

    However, it returns for at least the next 3 days, being the second story on two of those days:

    12 days on:

    13 days on:

    14 days on:

    You get the picture.

    Let's see where the BBC goes with this one over the coming days.

    (Apologies for the deletions on the Open thread. Was struggling with the formatting, and hadn't seen this separate post at that point.)

  2. The BBC have resurrected the story but only because of the UK government advice not to travel and they also seem to be making a big meal of the news that the death toll has been revised down by 100.


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