Sunday 21 April 2019

Urban liberal

Lots of Guardian types (from Bonnie Greer to Suzanne Moore), plus David Lammy MP, have been commenting this weekend on something Andrew Marr said almost three years ago, and lots of #FBPE types have also been using it to slam the BBC for pro-Brexit bias. 

I believe Andrew 100% though when he says of this little speech:

That he's an "urban liberal" with "not a shred of anti-immigrant feeling" should be beyond doubt to any reasonable person. 


  1. Since when has ex Trot Marr ever been "authoritative" about anything? Not in my book.

    Definition of "urban liberal": someone who uses slave labour services provided by migrants while being morally outraged by slave labour.

  2. Marr actually offers up the now well established and well worn globalist ploy wherein discussion of the costs and downsides of mass immigration is translated to being "anti-immigrant" (or usually racist).


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