Sunday 7 April 2019

Another thought for the day

It's actually grimly fascinating watching closely as the BBC tries to handle the Labour antisemitism story today. They are dragging their feet every step of the way, unlike Sky and ITV. And they are making the story much less prominent than Sky and ITV too. This is true BBC news management in action. It does make me wonder (again) if the BBC are running scared of the Corbynistas? 

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  1. They're thinking about their jobs, or lack of them, once the new Cultural Comissars get to work on the BBC. A Corbyn government will be no respecter of BBC "independence" - they will be straight on the case using all means fair and foul to turn the BBC into the "Broadcaster Backing Corbyn". I think the BBC has just about given up on the "soggy left" (Cooper, Creasy and Phillips) - they don't need much incentive to go full on Corbynista.


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