Saturday 27 April 2019

Someone's been on the happy pills again

So it turns out that Tommy Robinson is intending to stand as an independent against Gerard Batten's UKIP up 'ere in't North West. (Didn't see that coming!). The BBC reported his announcement along with Hope No Hats' call for voters to come out and oppose him. To my astonishment though, the BBC let slip in that piece that Tommy Robinson's "real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon". Who knew? Everyone's been keeping very quiet about that!


  1. An even funnier thing happened on Politics Live yesterday or the day before when Coburn referred to Stephen Yaxley-Lennon standing for election - without mentioning Tommy Robinson.
    I've often wondered why the BBC doesn't use his 'real' name when it is so intent of proclaiming it. Can't recall whether I've actually posed the question here or whether anyone else has asked them that.

  2. ... Gerard Batten's UKIP up 'ere in't North West. ...

    Craig, surely you mean .. 'Gerard Batten's UKIP up 'ere in t'North West.' ...

  3. The District Court of the Southern District of New York has applied the doctrine of "hot news" misappropriation in the context of Internet based news headlines. The doctrine was considered by the court to deny a motion to dismiss Associated Press' claim against All Headlines News, an Internet based news headline aggregation service. The decision is an interesting reminder of the existence of misappropriation in some US states as a separate, but similar, cause of action to breach of copyright.


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