Saturday 6 April 2019

Peachy or not peachy?

Peaches (if you didn't know)

There's an interesting contrast of headlines this morning for one particular story between the BBC and Sky news websites. Sky is going with a good-news take on the story:

The BBC is going with a bad-news take on it:

The Sky report begins:
More than two million people are set to get a pay rise thanks to increases to the national living and minimum wage, according to the treasury. 
The national living wage is going up from £7.83 to £8.21, adding up to an extra £690 a year for those working full-time and helping around 1.8 million people. 
The national minimum wage will go up to £7.70 per hour for workers aged between 21 and 24, and £6.15 per hour for those aged between 18 and 20. 
Altogether, 2.1 million people are set to get a pay rise, the treasury said.
The BBC report (by Kevin Peachey) begins:
Ten million workers in the UK will now see a bigger chunk of their wages automatically diverted to a pension, starting with their next pay packet. 
New rates taking effect on Saturday mean employees, employers and the government will all contribute more to these pension pots. 
That will mean less take-home pay for many people who are automatically enrolled into a workplace pension.
I suspect Mrs May's government will prefer Sky's take and Mr. Corbyn's Labour Party will prefer the BBC's take.  


  1. The BBC are generally glass half empty and are at their happiest when making the nation miserable.

    They are mostly an earnest and joyless lot.

    Very odd culture.

  2. Despite the fact that they aren’t even worse of are they! The money is going into their pension pots after-all.

    1. Yes. The BBC's 'bad' news is actually good news. And is the employer's percentage increase greater than the employee's? Again that would be a benefit.


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