Friday 19 April 2019

Andrew Neil responds to his public

It will make sense if you read on...

Andrew Neil is clearly enjoying the sunshine (and the Blue Nun?) today, and he's making me smile too. So, as it's such a lovely day, I thought I'd share:

Andrew Neil: The excellent report by Sky News on the appalling, vicious trolling of Meghan Markle on social media is really rather disturbing, especially since most of it seems to emanate from the UK. What is wrong with these people?
Raymond Rowley: bbc sky news is labour hate jewish news one whole year ,are you being paid by Israel talk truth 30war crimes stolen land every where 2m traped like rats in cage ,you run from truth no open mind
Andrew Neil: No, sadly I’m not paid by Israel. But if you paid me I could teach you grammar and how to write in sentences.
Pramod: Sir Twitter is about communication not grammar.  No education snobbery please. You are too good for that.
Andrew Neil: Sir <then comma> Twitter. Otherwise it reads like you’ve given Twitter a knighthood.
Mark Hughes: Evidence of staggering lack of self reflection here by Andrew Neil. I mean who are all these people from the mainstream media that have no sense that the press has been stoking this for decades, and are surprised that it had a purpose and this purpose is being realised.
Andrew Neil: Says a man with a melon stuck in his gob.
John Amaechi OBE: The fact that people unaffected by racism, misogyny, xenophobia, homophobia & the like are finally noticing it does not mean it’s just become noticeable.Being surprised or alarmed by it, as if it were new, is a troubling indicator of purposeful ignorance. 
Andrew Neil: You sound fun. Fancy a cuppa?
John Amaechi OBE: We’ve actually had one, but would do it again...
Hugh Woozencroft: Missing the point Andrew. All the issues John mentioned have been screamed in the faces of the public since time existed. The surprise we have been met with by those not in these minority groups, suggest one of two things; we were being ignored or we weren't & the shock is fake.
Andrew Neil: “Since time existed”. The long winter nights must fly by in your presence. Let me join you.

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