Saturday 6 April 2019


We were only saying yesterday how much trivia is seeping into the main headlines on the BBC News website (along with all the identity politics). I see that one of the top five news stories on the BBC News website at the moment is Ant and Dec embrace on full TV return. This 'news story' isn't one that Sky News is making a headline story, and even ITV News isn't bothering (despite it being about two of their stars). 

As for whether the BBC would report Guido's scoop about Jeremy Corbyn seemingly faking the figures to avoid declaring his wreath-laying trip to Tunisia - a trip funded by the terrorist organisation Hamas's representative in Europe - which, I would suggest, is rather more important news - remains conspicuously absent. 

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  1. They are after the yoof audience but that demographic has no interest in the BBC and use social media instead. In the meantime they further alienate their core audience of over 60s.

    They are clueless.


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