Thursday, 8 March 2018

Yolande Knell BBC (No activity?)

Yolande Knell

Well, according to BBC Watch, a high-profile BBC reporter has been "revealed" to be a member of this "secret anti-Israel facebook group": namely BBC Middle East correspondent Yolande Knell...

...a reporter who has often featured on this blog, Biased BBC, BBC Watch and other blogs of this kind under the charge of being biased against Israel. (We have 32 posts about her). 

The group, PALESTINE LIVE, was founded by anti-Israel activist Eileanne Green and the evidence that Yolande Knell of the BBC is a member of this group "that includes among its membership Holocaust deniers, antisemites and conspiracy theorists" is this:

BBC Watch says this means that Yolande Knell's "position as an ‘impartial’ BBC correspondent reporting from the corporation’s Jerusalem bureau is severely compromised".

Others, however, are not so sure. 

Given her lack of activity on the site, they ask, could she have been added to the secret group without her consent?

Or, just as plausibly, could she have joined simply for research reasons - i.e. to observe and listen as part of her work?

I'm sure there will be efforts made to try and get some answers.

That said though, we never did get an answer to the questions about her involvement in the promotion of a Palestinian activist's film in London back in 2014

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  1. I wouldn't hang anyone on this evidence! But I would look back at Knell's work.