Saturday 24 March 2018

Breaking news...

Looking at my Twitter feed just now and seeing a tweet from our old friend (and blogging associate) DB....

...led me to look for a BBC News website report, published within the last hour, headlined Oxford men guilty of sexual exploitation 'on a massive scale'

Thanks to Google, I found it.

Those "Oxford men", it turns out, are called Khalid Hussain, Alladitta Yousaf, Kameer Iqbal, Assad Hussain, Raheem Ahmed, Moinul Islam and Kamran Khan. 

As so often, Islamic names are the common factor in such paedophile gangs (and, yes, the girls were aged 13-15 when the abuse started).

Following an all-too-familiar pattern, however, this story isn't presently on the BBC News website's front page, despite being first published nearly an hour ago.

You will find it on the BBC's UK page though: 

...though for how long only time will tell.

The top-rated comment at Mail Online, which reported this story a good hour or so before the BBC, seems to reflect an increasingly widespread cynicism about the BBC when it comes to their reporting of these kinds of story:

So will it be a main story on the BBC's main TV and radio bulletins this evening? Or will the BBC's James Stephenson get spooked into defending the indefensible on both Newswatch and Feedback again next Friday after yet another public outcry?#

Update: BBC One's main evening news bulletin didn't report it. 


  1. Newswatch will be far too busy reporting the false criticism of Corbyn and Putin.
    Feedback will be boring us about everyday Islington folk who have moved to Ambridge.

  2. The BBC's priorities are incredible! They currently have as their top story on their homepage the "huge" gun control rallies in the USA. This is a rally in a foreign country regarding an issue that is of little relevance to the UK. Why the obsession with American gun laws? It's difficult not to think that the BBC, like all elitist PC globalists, find the idea of an armed people distinctly unsettling.

    Will the BBC give similar publicity to marches organisaed by the NRA?

    1. Watching Jon Sopel's report on this, it's pretty clear the BBC has a policy on American gun control. It does believe the NRA are wrong and the protestors are right. What was it Sopel said about being "impartial"?

    2. Just spotted this MB, I just posted something similar on main open thread. We were clearly thinking along similar lines.

  3. screenshot of weird BBC page
    I bet people on the street white/black/ethnicPakistani would NOT say
    "Oxford men guilty of sexual exploitation"
    They'd say
    "Disgusting, another ethnicPakistani groom/rape gang preying on schoolgirls
    & getting away with it for years, this time in Oxford"

  4. I wonder how ethnic Pakistani news sources cover the news ?
    I can't find UK-Pakistanic news sources
    This is the BBC Urdu page stranslated
    No sign of covering recent Pak groom/rape gang issues
    eg Oxford or Telford
    One page mentions Rotherham
    mention Rochdale
    a Rochdale example
    comes out as "they used to present these girls gift" ie prostitute them


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