Sunday 11 March 2018

The Road Not Taken?

Seriously, if you haven't followed Sue's advice and already read Dan Hodges's article today at OMG The Mail on Sunday, you really ought to. 

It may turn out to be one of the most important articles written for many a year.

And it raises a very serious question: Why is the BBC downplaying this story (the story of Jeremy Corbyn's surprising close involvement with a deeply unpleasant Facebook group) almost to the point of ignoring it? And why doesn't it matter to them?

And Rob Burley, if you're reading, please put aside your recent feud with Dan and take a few minutes to read it too, and maybe also invite him onto The Andrew Marr Show next Sunday to review the papers? And maybe also get Andrew to question Labour shadow cabinet members about Jeremy Corbyn's far-from-merely-passing involvement with this antisemitism/Holocaust-denial-heavy Facebook site and about Labour's truly extraordinary swerves and counter-swerves over this issue?  

And as the Sunday Mirror's seriously-important-sounding investigation into 'Asian' grooming gangs in Telford (up to 1,000 children as young as 11 being drugged, beaten and raped over 40 years) captures more and more attention and becomes Mail Online's main story and a focus of ITV's reporting will the BBC refuse to learn the lessons of Rotherham and Rochdale (and the rest) and simply revert to their past practice of burying such stories? Or are they still checking it out?

The BBC stands at the crossroads here. Will they do the right thing?

I really hope they do. (There's no sign of it so far yet though).


  1. Faint hope. It's like asking will an incurable alcoholic stay sober? Maybe for ten minutes, an hour, a day...but permanently? No chance. The BBC will soon be back on the full strength cans of PC multiculturalism.

  2. I was undercover at a County Socialist Group meeting the other evening.
    There were union members, local councillors from this borough and neighbouring ones,there were student reps and Momentum, SPGB, "IMG" amongst other undeclared affiliations. ALL were hideously. openly anti-Semitic, willing to subvert and prevent any Jewish case either by force or by BDS activism, They love Ken, Jackie etc-and the story above was seen as a Fascist smear(and therefore to be howled down and no-platformed).
    One person thought that we could argue historical causes with Jews up to 1948-but after that, nobody should. He was regarded as a fey liberal softy.
    Dan Hodges is 100% correct. This is a deeply sinister movement, and is now meeting openly-wanting opposition crushed, Regev banned and the Anti-Semitism label snuffed out-but they`ll rise it because who`s caring by now? Only things I drew hope from was the fact that they hate the "anti-Semitic" label-so kee on saying it as it occurs...and they had some understanding that their open threats to free speech may yet backfire if they don`t tread carefully. Surprisingly aware of how Hitler used liberal laws to get vengeance when HIS turn came...but, as we know he TOO was a Socialist whose only sin was to be national and not internationalist like the EU or Labour.

  3. I’m willing to believe that Corbyn is perhaps not the brightest of individuals, but it is very hard to believe he is not fully aware and supportive of what is going on in his own party. Just as hard to believe as the notion that Agent Cob did not know that the Czech diplomat was a spy…


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