Wednesday 21 March 2018

Where's Barry?

Abbas is caught in a catch-22. On the one hand, there is the U.S. peace initiative, which he has good reason to think will come to nothing of value. On the other, there is the failed reconciliation process between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas. The elderly leader escapes his troubles  by hurling insults at Americans and imposing further sanctions on the Gaza Strip. His declarations and actions could bring closer a military conflict between Israel and Hamas in the Strip, and continue to destabilize already tense relations with Israel in the West Bank. 
“Abbas is delusional. He always has been. The amount of criticism of him in the West is minuscule compared to how insane his words are. And the only explanation for this is because the West is committed to the meme of blaming Israel for everything, first and foremost, in any story.”
I haven’t seen Abdel Bari Atwan on Dateline for a week or so. Wonder if he’s well. Oh look. Here he is!

Not exactly ‘delusional and always has been’ - our Bari (aka 'Arry Batwan' or "Barry) wonders now whether Abbas is all there.
“Why did President Abbas depart from diplomatic norms and describe the American ambassador as "the son of a dog"? Is it reasonable to raise his anger against America and Hamas at the same time? What is the guilt of two million people in Gaza to pay the price of this anger? Has his health deteriorated?

No, our Barry hasn’t switched sides. Instead, our Barry supports another, more physical course of action. He “wishes Abbas had declared a new intifada’  and adds:
There is a secret that we do not know about the health and psychological state of President Abbas, and we do not rule out that the disease lies behind his emotions. He went through tests at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Maryland, specializing in incurable diseases, during his recent visit to America.

So our Barry is in rude health and I’m sure he’ll be on Dateline London again soon, preaching ‘actions, not words’.

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