Sunday 11 March 2018

Voters, schmoters

It probably pays to monitor such things more closely than we do, so I don't know whether this is rare or not, but old, white, male Sir Vince Cable got a BBC News website write-up today that he could surely have only dreamed of getting.

The BBC just reported his speech without criticism or contrary points and quoted him at length under the headline Brexit: Older Leave voters nostalgic for 'white' Britain, says Cable

It's over to Twitter and the Guardian's John Harris, I think, to deliver the appropriate response to Sir Vince:

And who has this backlash come from? From "Tories", that's who!:

Further update: 'Bonkers' complaint from the other side:


  1. This was a very dangerous and irresponsible speech by Cable, someone who I used to feel deserved some respect, but no longer. It was a kind of reverse Rivers of Blood speech. Why on earth would you try and racialise something like this whilst also trying to set young against old? Many people of Caribbean, Indian and Chinese migrat stock voted for Brexit. Many old fools voted to Remain.

    1. Well said.

      If you read this from City AM ('Vince Cable slammed for "white faces" Brexit slur'), you get the appalled reaction to this speech that the BBC isn't providing:

      Just one paragraph from this City AM piece show the kind of thing that the BBC is failing to report:

      'James Cleverly, Tory MP and deputy chairman of the Conservatives, said: "I thought we had moved on from the prejudiced view that Brexit was driven by casual racism. It certainly wasn't the reason I voted for Brexit.'

      Why isn't the BBC reporting such reactions on their 'News' website?

    2. That last question clearly rhetorical.

      Critics are saying. Apparently.


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