Saturday 24 March 2018

Surrey teenager


As noted by Guest Who at Biased BBC, the comments most certainly could be going better in response to this 'Breaking News' tweet from BBC South East:

Here's just a brief sample of some of those comments:

  • Seriously @BBCSouthEast what do you think you are doing? He is not a Surrey teenager. Not in any serious manner of speaking. He is an Iraqi, and a terrorist, an Islamist terrorist at that.
  • @BBCNews doesn't do facts anymore, it does spin &propaganda, you know it, I know it, even BBC knows it. It's utterly corrupted &cannot be relied upon to report news honestly. A few more ppl will understand this today when they see #ParsonsGreen bomber described as Surrey teenager.
  • Surrey teenager my arse. He was an Iraqi asylum seeker who committed a terrorist attack in the name of Islam.
  • Iraqi migrant from Calais suddenly becomes a “Surrey teenager” @bbcsoutheast pushing fake news.
  • Surrey Teenager. Must update his Wikipedia page.
  • This is appalling. I wonder why people don’t trust the BBC anymore.....
  • You know that fake news advert that you have running on the TV at the moment. Show this to the kids. Then they’ll understand what fake news is.
  • I have two Surrey teenagers. That terrorist is not a Surrey teenager.
  • Why do the BBC write this misleading nonsense.  Every news outlet prints the truth.  They come up with this devious nonsense.
  • BBC = #fakenews.


  1. This is very familiar territory for the BBC. In an effort to be inclusive and trying not to stigmatise religions or races they completely miss the point... again.

    In this case they are well and truly found out. The British public and BBC readers are wise to this now and the BBC continue to damage their reputation with censored PC propaganda like this.

    This is the real fake news and they don't see it.

    1. This could be one of the BBC's routine efforts to 'soften' the news surrounding any event concerning Islamic terrorism, and make the story more inclusive and more palatable to us, the ignorant UK electorate, by masking the obvious facts of the matter. They take us as fools. Their watering down of news actually has the opposite effect to their intended one - it magnifies the horror because whilst searching beyond what the BBC serves up, we find out what they don't want us to know. This process nearly always casts doubt upon the integrity of the BBC reporting.

  2. I wouldn’t mind so much if the occasional Far Right terrorist was described as “Man from West Yorkshire” with no reference to his political views, but we all know the bbc rule book is thrown completely out the window when something like that happens.

  3. Yep, can the BBC go any lower? They had already gone out of their way to back the terrorist's defence that he was a fantasist by describing him as such in their "explainer" article, as though it were an objectively established fact. Now this!

    They were obviously a bit in two minds whether to highlight the Judge's barmy comments about him now having plenty of time to study Koran and discover it is a book of peace and that Islam is a religion of peace. I think the MSM realise that to highlight that absurd bit of judicial advice would now invite hoots of derision from the public...people are not that stupid.

    By a process of osmosis most adults now have a general grasp of what's in the Koran. There are probably hundreds of thousands of Kaffirs in the UK by now who (thanks to the internet) have read large chunks of the Koran (in approved translations), if not the whole of it and the knowledge they have gained has filtered through to the population at large. Only a judge could now think they could get away with that line. Even MSM journos no longer try to spin that.

    1. Sorry, MB, but you've missed the point of the judge's comments. He was indulging in the time-honoured English sport of judicial irony - his tongue was firmly jammed in his judicial cheek!

  4. The BBC is highly selective as to whom it affords the delicate treatment and the shelter off euphemistic phrases. In this case it's an illegal immigrant bogus asylum seeker with a veneer of normality but a burning hatred and malice towards the people of this country. To any Surrey teenagers - or non- for that matter - who might have been travelling on that train, he was a lethal threat. Shameful of the BBC to smear Surrey teenagers. I suppose it's something that they didn't think to describe him as the son of an elderly Surrey couple.

  5. shelter of...


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