Friday 30 March 2018

Comments could be going better

Sima Kotecha

The Telford grooming story actually made in onto BBC One's News at Six and News at Ten yesterday, and even onto the Home page of the BBC News website

Cynics are saying it's because they discovered a story allegedly involving an 'Asian' boy being abused and white child abusers being the perpetrators, thus enabling them to 'muddy the waters'. 

The response on Twitter has been overwhelming and one-sided. Sections of the public just don't seem to trust the BBC's reporting anymore. 

Here's a very representative sample of the reaction:

  • response to the Muslim grooming gangs in the UK an Asian mother has said her son was abused by white men for 5 years...that's convenient...obviously the BBC are all over it but were slow to report when 1000 girls were raped by Muslims in Telford..agenda BBC News???
  • The irony is BBC reporting that Asian lady states white men abused her son in Telford states no issues with Asian men grooming white girls. And it now on BBC website front page. Unreal.
  • Just heard BBC evening news re Telford. They didn't even mention "Asian men" this time. Obviously all men are to blame. Evil reporters.
  • Congratulations BBC, a report on Telford without mentioning that majority of groomers are Muslim men. Your attempts to ignore the elephant in the room are impressive, but this one is hardly a typical case.
  • The BBC news in the evening led their Telford report with the grooming of young son of a lady dressed in Muslim clothing. No mention of the ethnicity of those in their cars who groomed the young girls.
  • The BBC have finally got the angle on Telford that makes it OK to report on Sima Kotecha ie: the abuse is exaggerated, but also, that there are some white abusers too. Phew! Everything is OK folks. Let's celebrate diversity. 
  • BBC news report on Telford by Sima Kotecha was shameful. She deliberately ignored fact that convictions for street grooming in Telford so far have been overwhelmingly men of Pakistani descent and their victims entirely white girls.
  • #BBC now feeling much more comfortable with Telford on main news page, now accusations including white men and black men. #relief 
  • BBC staff must have been high-fiving when they discovered a story involving white child abusers in Telford. Now they can break their awkward silence on the town's CSE crisis without upsetting "communities".
  • This is a new level. BBC interview on Telford abuse: "It was white men". "The girls are white, Indian, black, there's even Pakistani girls". Can you believe this? 
  • This evening the BBC done ten minutes on Telford grooming gangs without mentioning Islam ... Muslims ... or names is so obvious. BBC shamelessly trying to obfuscate the Muslim rape gang problem by talking about “white men”. I doubt this woman is even real tbh.
  • Sima Kotecha, you really should spellcheck your articles. You are supposed to be a BBC journalist after all. As for your shoddy piece from Telford today, a piece of red material with voice over trying to say it's whites abusing boys now with no evidence.
  • BBC News report saying Telford has been in the media a lot in the last fortnight erm.... nobody hasn’t and certainly not by you BBC.
  • Finally BBC run Telford at 22.22. Just abysmal. This is a major issue for many people in the U.K. and the report purported that smaller numbers of girls may be involved than currently touted. If one girl has suffered that is enough.
  • The BBC say there has been a “mediastorm” over Telford grooming — not on the BBC there hasn’t! Even tonight it’s 21 minutes into a 30 minute news programme!
  • Tonight's BBC 10pm news "discussed" Telford grooming, and did not once mention Muslim, or Asian men. Absolutely disgraceful.
  • While free speech is santioned on Twitter, the liberal MSM hacks do a hatchet job on the Telford story hiding the truth; after hundreds of white girls were abused by Muslim men, BBC shows woman in veil complaining about alleged abused by white men with no evidence/corroboration. 
  • Did I actually hear this on BBC News at Ten??  Telford: ‘it's not true how clear these claims are’, it was ‘child prostitution’ rather than abuse of victims, ‘it's not clear that Telford was any worse than elsewhere in the UK’. This offensive journalistic cowardice is nauseating.
  • Sick BBC go to Telford and show example of Asian boy being abused by unnamed predators (Could this be by white females?) Main Stream Media are dancing on a pinhead over rape and drug dealing gangs in our towns and cities up and down the UK.
  • WTF is going on at the BBC! This story, whilst shocking in its own right, is deliberately missing the point and deflecting from what's happening to large numbers of white working class girls.
  • Ha ha ....Every news channel has a hidden agenda......The BBC managed to do a 10 minute section on The Telford Grooming Gangs without mentioning the words Muslim ....Islam....or there names.
  • "Allegedly..." - The BBC takes us for fools.  Don't be a useful idiot and do your own research instead.
  • Thoughts on why the BBC, who have given barely any coverage to the Telford child rape scandal by predominantly ‘Asian’ men, have come two their senses and finally decided to expose this horror when one mum says ‘white men’ are also involved?


  1. Hmmm I wonder if that will make #bbctrending - I’ve picked up via radio 4 that the bbc groupthink is annoyed by these accusations, it bias by blindness they just can’t see what they are doing.

  2. Leaving aside the bias of focussing on this one case as though it were emblematic of what has being going on in Telford, it was a pathetic bit of reporting.

    We weren't told how old this "boy" was. In certain communities, children remain children under the tutelage of their parents until they marry. Why didn't Kotecha give his age range over the "5 years" of alleged abuse?

    We haven't heard from the "victim" have we?

    Why no comment from the Police or Council on this case?

    Maybe he wasn't a victim. Maybe he was just gay and trying to pursue a gay lifestyle...

    Why didn't Kotecha ask a question like: "Did you accept he was gay, or were you trying to keep him away from a gay lifestyle, and hoping he would marry a woman?" I think we know why - because that would likely blow open the whole story.

    1. Several recent major news stories have been treated like this one in Telford. It has become a trend for the BBC to 'counter attack' major stories, thus expecting us to suspend belief in the initial content that made the stories newsworthy.

      First we had the Agent Cob story during which the BBC said nothing, and then came out with the counter attack: 'far-right Tory-owned newspaper smears' against their man Corbyn.

      Now this Telford story - no in depth reporting during the weeks that it has been covered by the responsible parts of the MSM - until this counter attack: 'unidentified mother claims her unidentified son was subject to gay grooming by unidentified men. What appallingly poor quality reporting.

      And, as for this antisemitism in the Labour Party - the BBC take seems to be that Corbyn must be kept out of the news for the time being because according to a whole orchestrated chorus of supporters: 'Jeremy hasn't an antisemitic bone in his body'. How many times have we heard that said? My guess is that the BBC with their Labour co-conspirators are looking for an effective counter attack on this which will show their beleaguered man in a better light. They just haven't been able to find it yet.

    2. Yes, the counter-attack method has been used increasingly - even on something like climate.

      When we had our unusually prolonged period of snow and cold temperatures, how did the BBC respond on Reality Check? They had a story about what parts of the world have been experiencing LESS snowfall!

    3. Maybe there's a different reason for not wanting to cover it. What's this about the BBC staff? According to the Evening Standard on Thursday, John Mann, while accusing Corbyn of falsely claiming to have signed all Parliamentary resolutions about anti-Semitism, adds this:
      “I asked for precise action and I raised abuse of BBC journalists, and the anti-Semitisim that was impacting them, but he didn’t agree. I asked for action, he said, ‘Yep, it’s very, very important to the Labour Party, we’ll be taking action’. This was 18 months to two years ago. He offered nothing precise.”

  3. Replies
    1. Ellie Fant-Indaroom30 March 2018 at 13:39

      Halal-certified news?

  4. If you start from a position that the overall details of this case are true it is still a blatant attempt to deflect attention away from a much larger truth that the BBC is unable to face up to. It's rather worse than bias.

  5. I removed all teleboxes from my home last year, solely down to the relentless anti Christian, anti white, anti English, propaganda this rats nest of cultural Marxists espouse. Thease horrendous bastards will defend this Islamic cult because it mirrors their own authoritarian ideology.


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