Sunday 11 March 2018

Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word

Two Tories, apparently

Oh my, it's happened again! 

As Andrew Marr finished his interview with the Chancellor and the camera cut to Nicky Campbell's preview of The Big Questions Andrew was heard saying "Sorry" to Mr. Hammond. 

So can you guess what's now happening on Twitter?
C Chakravarty: #marr and at the end of Hammond interview marr said ‘sorry’ to him, not sure why. He fawned over him, maybe cos he didn’t clean his shoes? 
Steve Sturgess: #marr to @PhilipHammondUK. "Sorry". So ends a party political party for the Conservative party.
Janice Thomas: Yes! I heard it too, absolutely no need to do that. Saying ‘sorry’ after interviewing Hammond. Do your job #marr 
The reason why Andrew Marr said "Sorry" to Philip Hammond isn't hard to guess if you watch the end of the interview. "We've got to finish though", said Andrew, signalling to Mr. Hammond that they had to stop and go to Nicky Campbell's plug. Andrew even looked a bit anxious as he rushed through his link to Nicky Campbell, so 'out of time' were they. So the "Sorry" was obviously Andrew Marr just being polite to Mr. Hammond for stopping the interview so abruptly. 

Anyhow, regardless of that, doubtless #Sorrygate will continue for a few hours as Tory Marr gets it in the neck again from those nice, reasonable, Corbyn-loving denizens of Twitter. 

Happy Mother's Day!


  1. I think they really don't like Marr because he used to be a bearded Trot at, although impecabbly with the PC multiculturalist vibe, Marr is reviled for deserting the cause that the Corbynistas love. The idea he's a Tory is one of the more absurd conspiracy theories beloved of Corbynistas.

  2. To be fair to the zealous evil Corbyn fanboys, they , at least, force the BBC into muting their comments for fear of a beating up or whatever.
    All the left want is power to take the nations money and piss it up the wall. Then leave the Semtex and ricin labelled for those who`ll follow. It`s a perpetual revolution, won`t be finished until we finish them. And make their Stalinist-Heydrich leanings as guilty of hate and contempt as being a paedo is today...funnily enough, seems to blend in with their rainbow...power and abuse, tomorrow belongs to them.


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