Sunday 11 March 2018

One of Our Papers is Missing

The Sunday Mirror was missing from Andrew Marr's collection of newspapers this morning. (It was nowhere on his table.)

I had a suspicion it would be.

Its main story looks like the latest manifestation of the 'Asian grooming gang' scandal, this time erupting in Telford:

It's an absolute shocker. Well might it be said, "Not again. 'Let's keep quiet about teenage sex slavery because we're tolerant.' Wilful blindness is not tolerance."

Let's hope "Not again" can't also be said of the BBC's response to this story.


  1. Front page on Mirror and Mail online.
    Nothing at all on BBC anywhere. Not surprised.

  2. I think of our history curricula that tell us of bad Adolf up to 1939, then good Uncle Joe from 1942 to 1953.
    But no mention of the role of the national SOCIALISTS in carving up Poland with the INTERNATIONAL socialists in 1939...until Stalin was attacked by Hitler, this was a "bosses war" and the Left were cowering in the bunkers and chiselling for Stalin as well as his new bezzie.
    The BBC do like their 1939-1945 tumbleweed "blackouts and times of reflection"...Islam, Savile and anti-Semitism, anything reflecting badly on the EU or ObamaClinton...well, I`m going to have to cut you off there....

  3. Rob Burley offered or tasked for any thoughts on this omission?


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