Thursday 15 March 2018

One for the diary

Newswatch tomorrow...

So what will James have to say for himself? Will he say: (a) "Yes, your viewers have a point Samira" or (b) "All in all, I think we got it right"?

I know which one I'm expecting.


  1. I am sure Samira will be able to dig up some comments from viewers who think there has been TOO MUCH about Telford on the news.

  2. OT, perhaps, but in keeping with the prevailing trend both on and off the BBC of 'weaponising' mentions of a possible 'hate crime', is the death of the Egyptian student Mariam Moustafa in Nottingham. Mariam, a Muslim, was attacked by a 'gang of girls' whose appearance remains largely elusive to internet searchers. BBC Radio 2 & 4 carried news of her death in bulletins but did not give it 'undue' prominence, and were careful to mention that there was 'no evidence of a hate crime'. Avid noticers of events in our Orwellian dystopia will have NOTICED that ethnic victim + no hate crime + vague description = something afoot. Footage provided by her family of a portion of the attack that continued onto a bus suggests what that 'something afoot' might be and why this story will largely be memory-holed in Airstrip One.

  3. Spot on comment - I heard it on Radio 4 and thought exactly the same thing.


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