Sunday 11 March 2018

Smearing Jeremy

David Collier’s exposé of the explicitly racist, closed Facebook group Palestine Live was reported by the press, but in a muted, almost off-hand manner. 
The media in general hasn’t picked it up in any significant way. They haven’t applied the level of scrutiny to the story as they routinely do to far less portentous revelations.  
Only pro-Jewish websites like Harry’s Place appear in the slightest bit interested.  One notable exception is the indefatigable journalist Dan Hodges. 
But in this case, the platform upon which he airs the matter is -  has to be - OMG The Daily Mail



  1. Not normally a fan of Dan Hodges (for a pundit he's got a remarkable record of his predictions being negated by what happens in the real world...he didn't exactly see the Corbyn train coming down the tracks) but I must say this article is a fine piece. That thought experiment he starts with shows you how far we have come under the influence of left-liberal-PC multiculturalism, which has allowed someone like Corbyn to prosper in a criticism-free zone of his own.

    1. I too found him erratic but OK.

      When not OK, I used to tease.

      Now, sadly, not Burley-ignored, but full on blocked.


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