Saturday 10 March 2018

First World Problems (BBC Trending)

My old BBC chum Mike Wendling, who's promised to send me a free copy of his forthcoming book about the Alt-Right, provides an interesting case study as far as BBC bias is concerned. 

He's a Senior BBC journalist and editor of BBC Trending yet his Twitter feed reads like a sarcasm-filled personal struggle against the Alt-Right (BBC impartiality?), and his BBC Trending has long seemed very selective and geared towards pandering to the latest insanities from the no-platforming wing of the Left and other right-on - and definitely not right-wing - concerns (BBC impartiality?). 

I doubt any even-vaguely-right-of-centre people will feel that BBC Trending is something of interest for them. And many left-of-centre people must surely be bemused by its concerns too.

Are Mike and his BBC Trending gang really reporting the main trends on social media, or are they actually reflecting their own interests and biases and (heavily) selecting accordingly?

I've read more than enough of them to suspect the latter.

Given that he's shown interest in me and ITBB, does he therefore class us as 'Alt-Right'?

And, more seriously, is he now not going to give me that free copy of his new book he promised me, to be published on 20 April, and doubtless available in all good book shops (and second-hand book shops) thereafter till eternity? 


  1. I've raised these issues before now...

    Wendling used to work on the supremely lefty Village Voice in New York and then tried to get something similar going in London - and totally failed.

    He uses BBC Trending to pursue mostly American issues from a leftist, Trumpophobic stance.

    Will be interesting to see how this BBC staffer respects the various codes of practice and maintains due impartiality in his book. :)

    And isn't that so BBC! They have an effing "Digital Current Affairs" Department!! And the manager is probably on £120K plus.

  2. Does he moonlight at Calais UK Immigration?

  3. 1. No you're not alt-right
    2. Buy your own copy.
    3. What on earth does your headline mean?

    PS - never worked at Village Voice.

    1. Good evening, Mr Unknown.

      1. Very glad to hear it!
      2. Aw, come to think of it I wasn't promised a free copy, only a signed copy. I suppose that means I'll have to pay for a signed copy. If only Mike Wendling could arrange that.
      3. First World problem
      noun (informal)
      a relatively trivial or minor problem or frustration (implying a contrast with serious problems such as those that may be experienced in the developing world).

      PS - Hopefully The Penny will drop with those here who think .... (whoever that may be).... did work at Village Voice.


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