Thursday 15 March 2018

Andrew Neil criticises 'Today'

Maybe Andrew Neil should set up a blog about the BBC's failings. 

Sam Coates, Times: President Macron switches France position - says Russia only obvious culprit - relief in UK government diplomatic circles.
Andrew Neil: There’s been no switch. The Times simply over-egged the words of Macron’s spokesperson into ludicrous “France defies May” splash headline, for which there was no grounds (though didn’t stop R4 Today parroting the line this morning). I did warn you last night.
I think he must have had in mind John Humphrys's remarkable interview with Boris Johnson at 8.10.


  1. Still a long time to the Xmas party, so all good.

  2. I have copied the Bbc effort in ‘eggshells’ above to him on Twitter.

    His response, or not, will be interesting.


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