Tuesday 13 March 2018

The MP for Telford criticises the BBC

Lucy Allan, the MP for Telford, tweeted the following late last night:


  1. Anyone who knows Allan's background, knows she's a bit bonkers and a lot stupid. Why, at this important juncture, she should hand the moral high ground to the BBC by making this a race issue, posing as a defender of "the white working class"? If you're going to take that approach, the Tories haven't exactly been doughty defenders of "the white working class", have they?

    In my view this is an issue about organised crime, collusion in crime by authorities meant to prevent such crimes (police, social services, health services, local councils etc), PC multiculturalism, lack of appropriate mass immigration controls, double standards within a particular religious community and the craven failure of the MSM, BBC in particular, to properly address the issue and why we see this phenomenon throughout the UK now. There is a racial element, in terms of the criminals' motivations but that should not be the focus, if only for tactical reasons. We saw the same thing with the Sarah Champion case.

  2. A Civil War, the final solution.

  3. Was surprised to hear Jane Garvey on Woman's Hour, in reference to the Telford abuse scandal, saying that some have considered the BBC to have been too squeamish. She meant squeamish about describing the perpetrators of abuse. She then went on to say that most of them were Pakistani!

    1. Interesting...kind of confirms there is at all times an ongoing war within the BBC between the Uberfeminist wing and the Mainstream PC Multiculturalists. The latter think you have to suppress stories like Telford, Cologne New Year's Eve, and FGM in order to win the bigger prize of destroying the nation state, in order to continue mass immigration and achieve the aims of globalism. The Uberfeminists though think that gender beats everything else, including even minority cultures. I believe the PC Multiculturalists are winning and, now I think about it, maybe that is why they are so keen on transgenderism, as a way of beating off the uberfeminists...the obsession with transgenderism (a very tiny minority sport) has always puzzled me up to now.

    2. I'll post a transcript of this. Jane Garvey did seem to be engaged in an inner war between her own Uberfeminist and Mainstream PC Multiculturalist sensibilities here, but it was a step forward.


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