Saturday 24 March 2018

Do You Hear the People Sing?

Kate Hoey Leading the People

I was curious, in the light of what we've been saying here over the last couple of days, to check out tonight's main BBC One evening new bulletin.

How would they report the latest Labour goings-on? 

Well, predictably, they ignored anything to do with antisemitism (still raging elsewhere).

And, just as predictably, they put the Brexit issue first and made the sacked, pro-EU Labour Owen Smith's opinions their main angle, quoting him first, as if it was their take.

And then - Iain Watson's report beginning - they initially focused their reporting on the fact that Diane Abbott had said much the same as Owen Smith about a second EU referendum and had not been sacked by Jeremy Corbyn...

....(yes, that's the BBC singling out and being mean to poor Diane Abbott!!)...

....and the BBC's Iain even used the word 'curiously' here to go on to hint to BBC viewers that there's something rum going on as regards Mr. Corbyn and his clique here: 
Curiously, last November the Shadow Cabinet member Diane Abbott told her constituents she'd argue for the right of the electorate to vote on a final deal...But she stayed at Labour's top table. 
And, to back up Owen Smith's 'insistence' that he's in tune with his predominantly anti-Brexit party, Iain used the word "certainly" and then cited a survey:
And certainly a survey of more than 4000 Labour Party members last year suggested that three-quarters of them wanted a second referendum on the final deal with the EU.
Forget that flipping hat, O Corbynista hordes, and focus on this instead!: Your Dear Leader has been dumped upon by the BBC for sacking a pro-EU, pro-second referendum shadow minister, and the BBC's intent seems pretty clear, doesn't it?

Shall we stand together and man/woman/transgender the barricades together (after you've firmly and unequivocally distanced yourselves from any suggestion of antisemitism and put into practice your intention to hold Mr Corbyn to account for every past, present and future comment he's mad (and not made) on the antisemitism front)?


  1. With respect, we must people the barricades. (see Monsieur Trudeau after class)

  2. Typo mad rather than made, however mad is probably more appropriate so I’d leave it!

  3. This represents a change in the BBC masterplan to overturn the result of the 2016 Referendum. The hoped-for General Election to be called (they hope) because of disunity within the Conservative party, the loss of confidence in Theresa May, and the sweeping to power of a Corbyn Labour Government with a promise of staying within the single market and a soft Brexit approach to negotiations, has been replaced by a call for a second referendum after which Brexit can be reversed.

    If Corbyn can't be trusted to deliver the goods, the BBC's love affair with him and Labour will be ditched as their support swings towards the cross-party (they hope) second referendum initiative.

    1. LC - I like your line of thinking. You may be right, it’s an entirely credible hypothesis given the BBCs desperation to overturn Brexit.

    2. The Gina Miller intervention, which was an attempt by the Remain campaign to derail Brexit might be seen to have backfired as Parliament push the process through. It is an absurd about-face for the BBC to have backed GM when they thought her tactics might work, but when this appears not to be working, to back a second referendum. It looks unlikely that there will be a re-run, but perhaps the BBC are holding out in the hope that they can 'explain' more effectively the second time through.


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