Sunday 5 November 2017

A non-story?

The BBC News website is leading tonight with:

Meanwhile, a lawyer on Twitter by the name of Dan Neidle is 'trending' with an angle that the BBC is unlikely to be quite as keen on. And he's not happy with the BBC either.

Dan has investigated the BBC's pension fund and found that it invests with the world's largest hedge fund. 

And guess where that hedge fund holds its funds? Yes, the British Virgin Islands, a tax haven. 

Dan himself notes however that "it's unfair to attack the BBC for this without the context that all hedge funds are in tax havens" before adding, "...which is why the BBC's reporting is unfair".

His main complaint is that the BBC is failing to provide context - "i.e. this is boring and usual for funds". He believes that the BBC is seriously sensationalising the story. 

What, Panorama sensationalising a story? Please pass me the smelling salts!


  1. Panorama seemed to be shooting for the moon with this story - seemingly linking Putin, Trump, Her Majesty, Premiership Football Clubs et al. The whole thrust seemed to be that it wasn't to the BBC's taste - not that, as far as I could tell, anything done had been illegal. Why should they presume to take on the role of the UK's moral Guardian? There are a few internal matters that need to be addressed before they can aspire to that.

    Incidentally, Sunday afternoon isn't a good choice of time slot to put out this content.

  2. Yes, I did smell a rat since they morphed into warbling on about perfectly legal tax AVOIDANCE...with Kamal Ahmed doing a good job of pretending to be an expert.

  3. "Why should they presume to take on the role of the UK's moral Guardian?"

    Indeed. A moral guardian with the legal right to extort money in exchange for the right to consume TV content regardless of who produces it. Moral guardian my ass.


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