Monday 6 November 2017

The return of Radio 4 Comedians Bingo

Ah, tonight's The Unbelievable Truth on Radio 4 took me back nostalgically to the merry days of this very blog's much-loved 'Radio 4 Comedians Bingofeature. 

The rules, based on the utter predictability of BBC comedians, could hardly have been simpler:

The game still goes on though in many parts of the country, particularly in high-class seaside resorts like Morecambe (the home of sunshine), though the words and phrases that players are required to mark off have naturally been updated to include 'Brexit', 'Trump', 'Boris Johnson' and 'Katie Hopkins' (and 'Osborne' and 'Cameron' and various others have, quite rightly, been permanently taken off the card). Nevertheless the rules remain the same, especially the Daily Mail triple-lock rule. 

Anyone still playing (like me) will surely have been delighted by the 'twofer' from Holly Walsh tonight. She may not have been especially funny (unlike Mark Steel and Tony Hawkes) but she certainly made for a great Radio 4 Comedians Bingcaller, and for that I truly salute her: 
Scientists think that they became so power-hungry after being shunned and ridiculed by the other fish for looking like a hacked-up bit of phlegm. So the jellyfish have quietly plotted to one day rise up and destroy everyone who mocked them, much like their close relation Michael Gove. Also like Michael Gove some jellyfish have 60 anuses, are covered in thousands of microscopic poisonous hairs and and often write comment pieces for the Daily Mail
I was particularly pleased (he says selfishly and shamelessly) because I had only two to go following last week's The Now Show.  All I needed was a 'Gove' and a third 'Daily Mail'. So here goes: 


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  1. Got my "I`m Sorry, I`ll Read That Again" anthology to hand these days every evening.
    Comedy died with poor Humphry Lyttleton as far as radio 4 are concerned, although I still hold a candle for Barry Cryer.


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