Tuesday 7 November 2017

Have I (Not) Got Poppies For You?

It may have been a mere parenthetical aside, but Quentin Letts of OMG The Daily Mail has certainly piqued many people's interest today

Has the very unfortunate culture war over Remembrance Day poppies spread to HIGNFY, with HIGNFY taking sides against the traditional red poppy and making Mr Letts remove his poppy? 

It certainly sounds like it. 

We'll have to see if this Friday's HIGNFY guests have the same rule imposed upon them. 

It's to be hoped not.

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  1. Pseudosatirist Ian Hislop does a nice line in mocking present day patriotism while lauding the patriotism of his father's and grandfather's generation. I find him much harder to take than say comedians like Jeremy Hardy who don't bother to disguise their contempt for the UK.


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