Sunday 5 November 2017

So tired

One of the Twitter feeds I follow is that for BBC Radio 4

Scrolling through the latest incoming tweets I hit upon the top of their latest tweet. It read: 

As soon as I saw that and before I scrolled down to find out more I knew, just knew, which faith that would be about - and, no, I wasn't thinking it was going to be 'Catholicism' or 'Scientology'. 

Being the BBC it just had to be: 

I really do sympathise with (Moaner) Mona. I'm tired of the BBC having to justify her faith too. 

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  1. I am tired of the BBC ignoring the ECHR ruling that Sharia law is incompatible with Human Rights obligations. Normally the BBC are only too keen to publicise ECHR rulings. But not in this particular case. Odd eh?


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