Tuesday 7 November 2017

Through gritted teeth

The good news story that people in England have felt happier since the Brexit vote, at least according to ONS figures, has been widely reported today. 

They've all reported it, even the Guardian  - though, naturally, the folk at the Graun felt the need to contort themselves into various improbable body positions in order to conjure up a headline which manages to admit the fact whilst simultaneously making it sound as it it's 'a very bad thing': Are we happier after the Brexit vote? Only in England, official figures claim.

The BBC reported it too but, to borrow a phrase used in another context by our old blogging pal DB, their report is nothing if not passive-aggressive about it.

The BBC's headline, for starters, pops the news into inverted commas: 

And then we get this, the report's opening pair of paragraphs (echoing the Guardian's angle): 

The phrase 'through gritted teeth' springs to mind.

In fact, the BBC's teeth sound so 'gritted' here that I fear they're going to have to book an emergency appointment to see the dentist tomorrow, poor things. 


  1. Certainly I am.
    Comedy Central since Trump and Nigel did their stuff in 2017. The media in both tailspin and meltdown-who`d ever have thought it? Fake News already a category of current affairs offering, and we all know where it comes from.
    Nobody listening to the BBCNN outside their own spacesuits.
    Sites like this as the only place to go to skewer them all-great stuff

  2. Just heard Gordon Brown saying that people are less happy, more worried since the Brexit vote. Not challenged by useless ITV interviewer. By the way, Brown is obviously on board for the Macron-Mandelson plot. Macron has been making these noises about controlling immigration within the EU. Obviously the plan is to get some incredibly weak amendment to EU migration rules which will be offered to the UK people as evidence of a staggering concession. But whether Merkel will go along with this plan I am not sure.


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