Wednesday 15 November 2017

Compare and contrast

I've given this one a few hours as I wanted to see if the BBC would change its angle or not, but as it hasn't...

It's as if the BBC isn't prepared to yield any positive ground to Boris Johnson.

Indeed, if you click into the respective reports, you'll see that this continues and that the contrast becomes even sharper.

From Sky News:

From ITV News:

From BBC News:

That's quite something, isn't it? Only the Foreign Office saying that the meeting has been 'positive' eh?

Why is the BBC News website refusing to report that Mr Ratcliffe said something positive and constructive about the UK's Foreign Secretary today? 


  1. It's odd isn't it, because the BBC is quite happy to jeopardise Nazanin's future by raising the stakes and publicising claims about what BJ "thinks". Their sole interest is in destroying Boris, and thus delaying or derailing Brexit - they don't care one jot about her.

  2. The BBC now NEEDS to remove Boris, at the moment there's no other cabinet member they can get. They are rapidly loosing control of the agenda, events are overtaking them Zimbabwe being the latest and Children in Need means, by law, the next few days are committed to covering people in bathtubs of baked beans. Difficult days for the Corporation, difficult days...

    1. "The BBC now NEEDS to remove Boris"

      It does feel like this. BoJo's head on a stick splashed across everyone's favourite news site would be the ultimate sign in the heavens that the tide is running. Truly a Marge Simpson monorail moment.


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