Saturday 4 November 2017

Ominous echo

I’m still taken aback by the vitriol in some btl comments that always turn up online when the topic in question concerns Israel.

Even in the non-left-leaning press, i.e., The Times and the Spectator, they’re ubiquitous, and plainly, short on facts. I see that as wilful ignorance, rooted in racism. They would see that as weaponising racism to shut down debate.  (Only, debate on that topic hasn’t been shut down, more’s the pity.) 

This Times (£) piece on Priti Patel’s controversial visit to Israel is a case on point. It does seem that, along with the sex pest business, the Conservatives are doing their best to put Jeremy Corbyn into Number Ten.

I do realise it was for charity, so I mustn’t be too unforgiving. I couldn’t resist watching the celebrity version of Gogglebox. Put it down to morbid curiosity of the irresistible kind.

I  sincerely hope it raised a lot of money for cancer research, but all I can say about the most high profile celebrity guest is that this carefully edited programme highlighted what we already knew. (That Corby is a charisma-free dullard.) Despite those embarrassing moments where he spectacularly misses the point, and various examples of his lack of interpersonal  skills and general incompetence having been thoroughly examined on Twitter, Corbynista commenters on Gogglebox’s own Twitpage still see him - with an almost religious fervour -  as their saviour. 

If I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. There’s something in the air that’s ominously reminiscent of the 1930s.

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