Tuesday 14 November 2017


The BBC has gone way too far this time, plugging some luxury 'eco hotel' in the Andes and being snobbish about the UK's finest seaside resort in the process (h/t Peter).

Just look at the caption! The cheeky beggars!!

And, no, Radio 4 I won't 'Like' your Page!

At least the fine folk who visit Facebook are blowing richly-deserved raspberries at the BBC for this outrage:

  • Please note - Your guest house in Morecambe has a stunning view of the mountains of the Lake district, across Morecambe Bay. Save yourself the air fare and come here. No humming birds, but a great many overwintering wading birds on this important part of the North Atlantic Flyway.
  • Sorry, I fail to see how that can be 'Eco' anything as the first thing you see is a stack of air conditioning units and a satellite dish on the roof. And I'm sure the forest would have been far better off without that building there. Morecambe for me 😃
  • Great post, but why the nasty bourgeois snipe at Morecambe? Not everyone can afford these luxuriously expensive hols! Show some sensitivity caption writer for r4 posts.
  • Morecambe is home to the stunning Midland Hotel.
  • Why the snobbery about Morecambe? Had some great holidays there. Some people just want a nice view and a relaxing stroll along the promenade and what is wrong with that?
  • Your conspicuous consumption and selfish use of resources to get their means it wont be around for long
  • How does one get there? And back? Few more quick qus: The video... but cheesy... shot by them, or the BBC? The lodge... does the climate warrant a/c? If so, is it provided? Or fans? 5 star ratings tend to require certain features not too Eco. How is that addressed? How is the power generated and hot water? Just ask as there are no obvious panels. Or is it hydro or similar? Tx in anticipation

Indeed! A train to Morecambe will bring you to more delights and far fewer poisonous frogs and venomous snakes than any planet-destroying, exorbitantly-priced flight to and from the other side of the world.

Now please excuse me while I go and publicly burn my licence fee as a propitiatory offering in front of the sacred Eric Morecambe statue. The gods of Morecambe Bay are very angry at the BBC tonight.


  1. Off-topic, but on the subject of the Divine Eric, the recent hoo-hah over sexual harassment &, in particular, the assertion that just looking at a woman's breasts is harassment, reminded me of the sketch in which Eric is backed up against a wall by a particularly well-endowed actress; as his specs steam up, Eric says, 'Don't point those at me!' No doubt this one is already on its way to the forbidden archive! Incidentally, you will notice that I've committed speech-crime by using the word 'actress' - well, if I'd said 'actor' the meaning wouldn't have been quite the same, would it? So BBC you can stick that in your PC bong & smoke it!

  2. Popped back, as you do.

    Seems they do read posts as a chipper sub has offered a cheerful 'Love Morecambe' which makes all the other stuff go away.


    However, actual reasonable questions remain unanswered, which seems very BBC.

    1. Hmm. I'd like to take that chipper sub in for questioning. I'm not buying it.

    2. The bbc, subs or otherwise, of course do not answer questions.

      That post was a 'what are you going to do?' from a position of considerable confidence.

      It would be nice to one day see a smug removal tool deployed.


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