Sunday 12 November 2017

Mark Mardell goes too far

It always amazes me how Mark Mardell has managed to get away with years of biased broadcasting without ever getting his comeuppance. (No offence!)

Today, however, the effluent may have finally hit the apparatus with rotating blades that creates a current of air for cooling or ventilation. 

Yes, he went too far even for Radio 4 audiences, who famously know their punk. 

On today's The World this Weekend, Mark described The Clash as "probably the most important punk band ever". Oh dear! "No, that was The Sex Pistols", went up a cry which shook the world. 

This is the biggest bias allegation he's faced since he said the Rolling Stones are better than the Beatles - and, worse, that the Beatles are rubbish. 

P.S. I hope that Mark paid for that ticket to the Clash tribute concert himself (if it cost anything). I do hope it didn't come out of the BBC licence fee. 

Frequent licence-free funded trips to Lake Como are bad enough but expenses-paid Clash concerts would be so beyond the pale that the pale (whatever that is) would be lost from sight forever. 

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  1. Does Mark know that Mick Jones started his punk career in a band called "London SS"? I recall seeing their graffitied swastikas under Westway back in the day. Jolly japes, I'm sure, but all THAT connection has been sanitised and forgotten.

    Mardell is completely unhinged if he thinks The Clash were the most important punk band ever, even "probably"...they don't even get to second place! lol

    Also, how does Mardell feel about the culturally insensitive lyrics of "Rock the Casbah"?

    The "pale"? That's a fence actually (as in Dublin Pale) and beyond the pale, or fence, is (supposedly) where the untutored natives live according to their wrongheaded notions - so to be "beyond the pale" is an indication of failure to live by accepted civilised or conventional values ...apologies if you knew this already!


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