Saturday 4 November 2017

And on it goes...

There's a disturbing report on the BBC News website which you might have missed. It's in the Somerset section. (I only spotted it because someone tweeted a link to it). 

A serious case review had found that the authorities once again failed to spot that a paedophile grooming gang was operating in the area. 

Worse, an underage girl - once of the two victims - was wrongly sent to court for racial abuse against her rapist. 

Ahmet Kurtyemez and Mehmet Citak have now been jailed for the offences.

It wasn't a story that BBC One covered on its news bulletins, nor did the BBC News Channel. ITV did report it though. 

There were 14 opportunities for the authorities to step in and stop the abuse. None were taken. 


  1. And 57% of people trust the BBC? - not what I'm hearing in my local pub.

  2. I recall my daughter mentioning at least three instances of "initial grooming" (free can of coke at the local takeway, that sort of thing) - not that she identified it as such, and I must admit at the time I wasn't clear it was part of a deliberate strategy. They (I won't say anymore than "they" since we no longer live in a free society) clearly operate on a percentage basis of throwing the net wide to make initial contact based on gifts and so on, before identifying vulnerable children or youngsters on whom they can "go to work".

    All the BBC have done so far in response is make a sensationalist docudrama which does everything possible to deflect from the real ideological drivers behind this poisonous exploitation.

    Sickening our national paird-for broadcaster refuses - point blank refuses - to address the truth behind these crimes.

  3. The BBC report doesn't really convey what was done to them, the savagery of physical violence, a girl being beaten as well as raped over five years, given drugs, put in the boot of a car, having three miscarriages at the age of 15 caused by beating, being terrified. It's horrific.


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