Saturday 11 November 2017

The Finger of History points you elsewhere

[Trembling lip. Sincere voice.] Readers of ITBB, Kathy Gyngell is the people's conservative woman. The sick, the dying, children, the needy - and you - must read this fine piece of hers about the BBC's latest Brexit coverage - or, to be more precise, non-coverage. And, as Alastair told me, Gordon  really wouldn't want you to read it, so that's even more reason why you should read it. Yours Tony.


  1. London's position as a world-leading finance centre has been achieved despite membership of the EU - not as a result of it. Banks make their money by gambling on outcomes. Had there been any potential profit motive in moving their operations to Frankfurt or Paris, they would have done so long ago, probably as soon as the EU Referendum was announced. They wouldn't have risked waiting for the referendum result if location within the EU was so important to them. They would have hedged their operations against any unwelcome result.

    The BBC are spectacularly behind the curve here as they still try to assert their project fear that the UK economy will collapse without the comfort blanket of the EU. My guess is that the banks at present will be carrying out their assessments of how the EU economy will perform or even survive when the UK withdraws from membership, and they lose our contribution to their funds.

    1. Think they will also be concerned about the security position in mainland Europe, the huge financial burden of the migrant wave (costing Germany's govenrment alone 30 billion Euros pa), the Russian threat in the East, and the ongoing conflict between the Commission and Poland/Hungary.


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