Saturday 25 November 2017

Some things never change

A rose among four thorns

I've not done a post about Dateline London in a while, but today's Brexit discussion was so typical that it deserves a brief mention.

Pro-Brexit blog favourite Alex Deane found himself up against it (as he almost invariably does). He was very definitely the odd man out on the panel. Annalisa Piras (of The Great European Disaster Movie fame), Stefanie Bolzen of Die Welt and Bloomberg's Stephanie Baker all piled on the Brexit-related doom-mongering - and piled in on Alex too! And, making it four-against-one, presenter Jane Hill joined in as well, making it a mass assault on the impertinent Brexiteer.

Good old reliable Dateline!

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  1. Tim Montie's effort is also keeping Twitter entertained, not least with endless high horse Remainer journos losing their sh*t


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