Saturday 5 September 2020

A Twitter troll at the BBC


Earlier this week, the Jewish Chronicle's Lee Harpin brought us a startling exclusive: the tale of "a senior BBC World News journalist" called Nimesh Thaker who set up an anti-Israel 'sockpuppet' account under the pseudonym Not That Bothered and used it - among other things - to attack his Jewish colleague Emma Barnett after she spoke out about the Holocaust and the impact of antisemitism in her life. 

From the evidence cited in the JC, he appears to inhabit the murkier end of the Corbyn-supporting community, obsessed with "racist", "white supremacist" Israel, re-posting controversial far-left figures like Jackie Walker (expelled from Labour over antisemitism) and Kerry-Anne Mendoza (too much even for Owen Jones), and hurling accusations of racism around with the usual relish. 

He also labelled the new BBC Director General Tim Davie a "white male Tory".

And, the JC reports, he would have got away with it if he hadn't - rather stupidly - used the very same anonymous account to make contact with individuals for reports he was making for the BBC, "exposing the fact that he was behind the account":

The BBC launched an "urgent probe" into his alleged actions. 

David Collier's reaction was fierce:
The horror of senior BBC journalist Nimesh Thaker being caught running a vile antisemitic sock account should not be underestimated.

The BBC is infested with like minded haters and for years these reporters  have been at the forefront of pushing a demonising anti-Israel agenda.

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