Friday 11 September 2020



Though still a staunch defender of the BBC, OMG The Daily Mail quotes former Radio 4 boss Mark Damazer saying that "the social media thing has been out of control" for a while now:

Clearly, some of the things that BBC news presenters and others have done on social media would not be acceptable to me and I'm happy to say that on the record.

I'd like him to give specific examples "on the record". He's a lot to chose from. 

Mark doesn't accept that the Corporation has allowed its output to become too woke though:

The notion that it's paralysed by wokeness in all its output I simply don't accept.

Has he stopped listening to his former station then? I'm assuming he must have. Anyone listening to Radio 4 these days must surely acknowledge how different it now feels to the station it was back in his day. (He left in 2010). Especially since Mohit Bakaya took over last year, wokeness has spread like wildfire throughout the entire station.

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