Friday 18 September 2020

Tim Davie at the Royal Television Society, yeah?


Here's Tim Davie at the Royal Television Society, talking a good talk again. And saying 'Yeah?' a lot, yeah?

The paper picks out three quotes:

  • “The BBC does not deliver equally to everyone.” 
  • “There are some people who are getting extraordinary value from the BBC...but there are certain bits of the country that don’t necessarily feel the BBC is for them. It’s not as simple as saying under-35s - it’s often about your life circumstances, where you are, where you live.”
  • “I do think there’s something about metropolitan-based organisations, or the way you hire, that can feel a bit different from some of the population. It’s not left and right, it’s more complicated than that. It’s whether you feel it [the BBC] is for me.”

I'd say those quotes make the interview sound more dramatic than it is. Most of it paints a rosy picture of the BBC and there's plenty of BBC management-speak in there, yeah?

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