Saturday 5 September 2020


 An update from Arthur T...


There is an update on the misadventure on the high seas where migrants had to be rescued from his rescue ship on Banksy’s BBC news pages:

Whats interesting is that there is no mention of the LM vessel getting into difficulty - only a stuttering story along the lines that:
The group was transferred to a quarantine vessel off Sicily's coast, rescue organisation Sea-Watch said. The migrants include 150 people rescued by the Louise Michel, a 31m boat funded by British artist Banksy. On Saturday, the UN's refugee agency issued an urgent appeal for those onboard the rescue vessels to be allowed to disembark safely.
This from the Press Association provides a little more clarity:

There seems to have been a rapid descent into victimhood by the crew of the boat - blaming ‘Europe’ for their difficulties. The BBC reports don’t tell us much of this.

This doesn’t change my view that for the BBC Banksy can do no wrong, and it is their promotion of a commercial enterprise that should be under the spotlight.

There’s also an excellent piece at The Conservative Woman by Ollie Wright. He looks wider, at the potential for increased cross-Med migration, saying Banksy’s publicity is giving increased hope to would-be migrants. He also gives the cost of the boat as £800k, that’s before crewing and other operating costs. This possibly gives an insight as to how lucrative Banksy’s work has become - and therefore how BBC’s promotion has been of benefit.

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